Our Values

Ridge & Valley Farms aims to raise ethically treated, all-natural Black Angus cows to serve customers with high-quality, yet affordable beef throughout the region.


Andrew Gilmer

Owner, Ridge & Valley Farms

Andrew grew up on a multi-generation farm in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. His continuing work with the Clinch Valley Soil and Water Conservation District demonstrates his passion for sound land management, conservation, and sustainable farming. As a certified Master Cattleman and active participant in the VA Beef Quality Assurance Program, Andrew ensures all of his animals are treated with dignity and fed a healthy diet from the pastures he works hard to keep nutritious and productive. 



The Ridge & Valley Difference


All-Natural Black Angus Beef

Using superior Black Angus Genetics coupled with Certified Angus Beef feeding standards, our cattle must meet the most stringent of standards. Our cows are antibiotic and hormone free. To keep with the theme, they're also free of artificial preservatives and flavorings as well. 

Local Food Eating Local Food

Our cows spend their days roaming local pastures fattening up on nutritious and productive rolling ridges and valleys of Southwest Virginia.  Only our best cattle our fed out to be "finished". There, they'll have access to grain over the last 120 days of feeding. These last 120 days are critical in developing the high levels of marbling we require.

Our Family Gets Together

When you buy Ridge & Valley All-Natural Beef, you are joining our family. You are invited to our special events - cooking demonstrations, farm tours, trainings, etc. Come hungry, relax, learn, and just feel at home.