Where to Buy Ridge and Valley Beef

Where to Buy Ridge and Valley Beef


Honestly, we’ve been pretty quiet on here since first started our website and opening a blog. Since then, we’ve largely been feeling out the marketplace and doing some experiments with deliveries, cooking, whole animal butchery, and delivering our meat to a handful of restaurants. When the business first started in 2014, we felt like we had a pretty good handle on the whole business. We didn’t. You see, it’s more than just producing beef. It’s producing a product that you believe in. You believe in it because it’s good...and it’s yours...and you know it’s good, because you did the best job you could possibly do.

It’s taken years for us to dial in our product. It has been a journey to say the least...but today, I can say with full confidence that our product will rival any beef you can purchase anywhere. This past week, I helped cut up some of the finest beef I have ever tasted. And you know what, it was ours. The rich white marbling coupled with tenderness you could cut with a spoon - it was really, really, good. It’s taken persistence, a strong will to succeed, and lots and lots of research, trial, and of course, error.



This picture shows the incredible marbling (white fat deposits) - which is indicative of a high quality meat

You can’t expect quality results when you’re inputs are mediocre, at best. It just doesn’t work. But when your inputs are the best on the market, your results reflect those inputs. Makes sense, right?

The picture to the right is a freshly cut rib-eye.  It’s a prime example of premium quality beef - well-developed white marbling, a curvy and robust shape, and not too big and not too little. If you’re familiar with choosing a superior steak based on looks, this picture speaks a thousand words to you.

So What’s Next? 

Starting in September, I will begin my partnership with Vincent’s Vineyard in Lebanon, VA. There, you’ll be able to purchase anything you want - steaks, roasts, burger, short ribs, the weird bits (if that’s what you’re into 😀) - we’ll have it all. All products are USDA inspected. My product will be sold during their normal operating hours posted below:

Monday - Saturday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

**Friday’s open to 5:30**

Vincent's Vineyard

2313 East Main Street

Lebanon, Virginia 24266

For You, Y’all, and All Y’all

For You, Y’all, and All Y’all