Quarter Steer Deposit

Quarter Steer Deposit


Total price for quarter of steer - $900

Total Deposit Required: $500

After the deposit is made, customer will receive immediate follow up email for coordinating pickup/delivery options.

When you buy a quarter steer, you’re purchasing half of the total “cutout” from a side of beef (a side of beef, also known has a “half”, is half of all of the cuts of beef from a steer). It’s awesome. You will receive approximately 130+lbs. of beef. This order will include all of the common Steaks (Ribeyes, Filet Mignon, NY Strip, etc), Roasts, Burger and more.

**ALL MEAT IS VACUUM SEALED AND IMMEDIATELY FROZEN (vacuum sealing maximizes shelf life with little to no freezer burn)**

Approximate freezer space needed:  4 cubic feet      

  • Steak Thickness: 1 ¼" and 1 per pack (with exception of filet - it will be 1 ½"  thick)

    • Ribeyes and some sirloin will be bone-in

  • Burger: 1lb. vacuum sealed packs

  • Roasts: 3-4 lbs.

  • Briskets: Quartered

5 - NY Strips

6 - Bone-In Ribeyes

4 - Filet Mignon

4 - Sirloin

2 - Chuck Steak

3 - London Broil

5 - Stew Meat Packs

2   - Round Roasts

2   - Chuck Roasts

1   - Skirt Steak

3 - Short Rib Packs

1   - Flat Iron Steaks

75 -1 lb packs burger

NOT COMFORTABLE MAKING AN ONLINE DEPOSIT? No problem! Use this link to print the a hard copy and mail it to us!


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